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Honor Bound Men’s Breakfast Ministry

The fellowship of breaking bread with one another on the fourth Saturday of each month has been averaging thirteen to sixteen men at each session of which three quarters of those present consist of the Men’s Home and the other quarter of the congregation.

Each meeting starts with prayer and worship and is immediately followed with the ministering of a five course hot food breakfast to the physical being and then with the spiritual food for our spirit and soul, which is the Word of God, shortly after.

Each meeting is inspired through the Holy Ghost of which prayer and laying of hands takes place as the men pray for one another.

 In these meetings we have had prayers answered and have learned how to overcome the fear of sharing the Gospel with everyday folks, and one of the ways we did this was that every other month we keep the floor open to what we entitled “SHOTGUN PREACHING,” which allows an individual to have the floor for five minutes to preach the Word whether for encouragement or teaching, of which 99 % do participate in, it’s exciting!

Our goal for the men’s breakfast is to have more men from the congregation come to these meetings and grow beyond our four walls for the purpose of uniting the men in the family of God to experience the move of His Spirit through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ in their presence in the mist of unity in these meetings.

We at the Honor Bound Men’s Breakfast Ministry pray that each and every man that comes through this door will grow in faith and learn to trust Jesus for every situation in their lives pertaining to the things of God and learn what His plan and calling is in their lives.